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I guess I should preface this by saying how sorry I am about abandoning my readers during the last couple of months.  I really enjoy getting my thoughts out there, spewing about the things that are going on in my life, jawing about the things I love like writing and music.  The past two months have been crazy and hectic, what with writing and revising every spare second for my Capstone project (it’s almost finished!), registering Whalen for Kindergarten, CC for preschool (sob), and fighting for extra help and attention for Lucas at school, normal duties like dishes and laundry, family obligations, class three days a week, and homework. Not to mention graduate school applications.  Just re-reading that exhausted me!

Seriously, I like to stay busy.  I think all of the extra things I have going on make me slightly crazy, but very well-rounded.  The juggling keeps me sharp.  And sharp I’ve been.  I’ve probably written about fifty new poems since January, and now I’m in the process of fine-tuning those, writing more, and choosing which ones fit in the poetry manuscript I’m putting together for my Capstone.  The due date is coming up!  Approximately four weeks will see it cranked out and turned in.  Let me say that I’d much rather write than put it together.  I’d never make it in the layout department.  I put together a rough copy of it though; I just couldn’t resist!  To see it, even unfinished, put together was the most incredible high.  I’ve never seen an entire project like this through right to the end.  It amazes me, and also proves to me that I can do it.  I had my doubts if you all recall.

Speaking of highs, I just got the most amazing news yesterday!  I was officially accepted by SUNY Binghamton for the fall 2012 semester.  After the crushing rejection from Penn State (due to program finances, nothing I did), this really lifted my spirits.  See, I recall a certain person who told me to look at smaller schools.  That maybe I wouldn’t hack an intensive graduate program, I might not have a good chance at getting in… I guess you don’t know it all, do you?  Anyway, I’m thrilled that I’ve been accepted to this program, and really looking forward to graduate study.  Provided I survive Biology this semester, of course.

Anyway, I’m glad I’ve pushed myself to the brink of exhaustion and madness in my quest to be the best that I can possibly be at any given moment.  People tell me I worry too much, that I’m too uptight.  Maybe I do, but look what I’ve accomplished… I’ll leave it at that!


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