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Dumb Dog

Last weekend, I bought the Nintendo Dogs game for my DSI.  I figured it would be a cheap, easy way to have a pet, since I am in no way ready to have another real one.  My best friend of eight years, Snickers, died this winter.  I think a little of my love for animals died with her.  The last days were horrible.  The cleaning up after her, the constant worrying if she was going to die in front of the kids… I’m just not ready.

So I buy this game, and I’m thinking, yeah, great, this will be funIt’ll be easy for technologically challenged me, and I’ll get some laughs. Ok, I’ve never encountered a more frustrating game!  My dalmatian, whom I named Sparky, is the stupidest animal on the face of the virtual world!  He forgets his name within seconds, he licks himself when I call him, and I still haven’t figured out how to feed or water him.  I sound like an idiot, calling to this damn dog for what feels like hours, with the kids repeating me, only to make no progress.  This game that I bought to relax me is instead driving me bonkers! 

I think I may have been better off just buying the real animal.  At least I’d get the comfort of a warm, wet nose and soft fur to comfort me when I get frustrated.  And, puppy antics are just adorable.  My point?  Electronics may solve a lot of problems, but they are NEVER better than the real thing!  🙂  Cheers, and enjoy the day, with or without furry friends!

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