Last time I Checked…

16 Dec

I was a first year grad student. Then I blinked. All of a sudden, I’ve got a Master’s in English. I’m also divorced, have a third and first grader, and my daughter started Kindergarten. Oh, yes, and I’ve just finished my first semester of my PhD while teaching 50 undergrads Children’s Lit. My, my, when did all of this happen?

It’s funny how we learn to adapt. Two years ago, I couldn’t imagine my life the way it is now. Twenty years ago? I’d have told you I didn’t expect to live this long, let alone be enrolled in a prestigious University teaching kids who look up to me like I’ve got all the answers. And you know what? I don’t have one answer. I’ve got several:

Fight for it. Want it. Don’t quit it. Dream it. Live it. Reach for it. Love with all you are, feel with all of your heart, and don’t ever lose sight of who you are.

For those of you who are reading me for the first time, read my past posts to understand my old fear of changing who I was. For those of you who know me, I’ve come to terms with who I am, where I’m from, and where I’m meant to be. Don’t fight it. Roll with the changes.

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